Welcome to the practice! 
We want to get you feeling ‘ as good as you could!

On your first visit, Dr. Gibson and his staff will evaluate your body with a variety of techniques to help understand where your body is starting at, and what type of treatment will be necessary to get you back to your best.

In addition to asking you about how your body is feeling, your health history and your exercise habits, Dr. Gibson will perform a few exams. The results of these exams will help the Dr. plan your treatment with you. Though in many circles chiropractic is still considered alternative medicine, understand that there is nothing vague about it!  The health of your spine is completely measurable. Digitally recording where you’re starting from means that you will be able to see clearly that your treatment is working in follow up exams. No need to study for these exams!  It is impossible to fail!

Types of Examinations to Expect...

  • Digital Posture Analysis Digital Posture Analysis
    Digitally recording a postural baseline

Postural Analysis
The Doctor will want to see how your body bends, stands, and rests. For example, he will record the degree to which your neck turns to the side, the amount you can bend over before you feel discomfort, and whether or not you can touch your toes. Often he uses an digital posture app to record your ‘baseline’ or ‘starting’ posture. Your posture will be re-evaluated throughout your treatment to see how much it has improved.

  • Chiropractic Thermal Scan Chiropractic Thermal Scan
    Recording a Thermal Baseline
  • Thermal Scan of Spine Thermal Scan of Spine
    Taking your spine's temp

Thermal Scan
To measure the performance of your Autonomic Nervous System (the part of your Nervous System that controls organs and blood vessels) we will do a Thermal Scan. When all is working as it should, the temperature on either side of your spine should be fairly symmetrical. On your first visit, we will use a ‘rolling thermometer,’ to see where your temperatures might be out of balance. He will discuss the results with you in your ‘Report of Findings’ (on your second visit).  

  • Electromyography Scan for Chiropractic Electromyography Scan for Chiropractic
    Measuring spinal electrical activity

Surface EMG
To determine whether your Nervous System is ‘over’ or ‘under’ stimulating your muscles, we do a Surface EMG (Electromyography). This measures the electrical activity of the muscles on either side of your spine to see if they are working too hard, too little or unevenly. For the exam, Dr. Gibson or his staff will hold two small sensors on either side of your spine from your neck to your lower vertebrae to record information digitally. He will discuss the results with you in your ‘Report of Findings.’ 

  • 3D Laser Foot Scan D3D Laser Foot Scan
    3D Laser Foot Scan
  • 3D Laser Foot Scan Results D3D Laser Foot Scan
    3D Laser Foot Scan

3D Laser Foot Scan 
Based on Dr. Gibson’s discretion, he may perform a laser foot scan to see if your postural issues are starting ‘on the ground floor.’ This isn't necessary in all cases, but don't be surprised if the socks come off!


          Hands On Evaluation by Dr. Gibson

  • Chiropractic Adjusting Table Chiropractic Adjusting Table
    Chiropractic Adjusting Table
  • Manual Chiropractic Adjustment Manual Chiropractic Adjustment
    Manual Chiropractic Evaluation
  • Manual Chiropractic Adjustment Manual Chiropracti Adjustment
    Manual Chiropractic Evaluation

Lastly, the Dr. will invite you to position yourself on a padded adjusting table. He will gently feel along your spine for the Vertebral Subluxations that he suspects are there.  In simple terms, a Vertebral Subluxation is an instance where your spine is ‘stuck,’ and not moving freely. This causes all manner of problems (We made a whole page about it!).  Dr. Gibson may or may not perform an ‘adjustment’ to correct subluxation on your first visit. His decision will be based on your condition and whether or not any additional diagnostic testing (x-rays, etc) may be required. 


Schedule "Report Of Findings" Appointment

At your first visit, you will schedule an appointment to discuss the Doctor's “Report of Findings.” It is important that you schedule this visit at time when your spouse or life-partner can be there to lend an extra set of ears. The health and care of your spine is both important and complex; the Dr. would like to explain his findings to you and your spouse so that you can get the treatment, support (and encouragement) you need to truly start feeling ‘as good as you could!’